Saturday, January 26, 2013

Four Dangerous Illusions

Illusion 1: We could live with a nuclear Iran. Reality: We could never live with a nuclear Iran because its intentions are evil--namely, to destroy Israel and the United States. In fact, the U.S. could be a nuclear Iran's first target: not for nothing has the Islamist enemy developed and test-fired cargo ship-based ballistic missile launch systems in close cooperation with its nuclear-armed ally, North Korea.

Illusion 2: Surgical Strikes will suffice if diplomacy and sanctions ultimately fail to stop Iran's atomic advance. Reality: Like wounding a venomous snake instead of smashing or cutting or shooting off its poison sack-loaded head: an attack on Iran's nuclear sites that would not also wipe out its war-making, missile-launching, terrorist-sponsoring capabilities would mean mass death and destruction … in Israel and the United States.

Illusion 3: North Korea is neither a monster nor a rabid animal, only a misunderstood adversary, more bark than bite, mainly crying out for attention. Reality: North Korea is committed to conquering South Korea. The North regards the U.S. as an implacable enemy. The North will never abandon its arsenals of nuclear weapons and missiles--and biological weapons. To the contrary; Pyongyang and its proliferation partner, Iran, believe they can one day defeat the U.S. using asymmetrical warfare, e.g. crippling cyber-strikes or one or more EMP missile strikes launched from seemingly civilian vessels flying flags of convenience.

Illusion 4: Islamism has moderate branches, wings and factions with which the West can cooperate and even collaborate. RealityAs dangerously stupid as believing in moderate Nazism. Islamism is a clerical fascist creed that aims to destroy democracy and Western civilization. The Nazis for a time had their left and right factions, their internal ideological differences and disputes. But the differences were immaterial from the point of view of the democracies. Nazism was a menace that had to be utterly defeated, stamped out. Appeasement not only failed to prevent war; appeasement of the Nazis by the European powers made war inevitable--on Hitler's terms. The same holds true for appeasing and engaging radical Islam. Such policies are bound to fail, as shown by 9/11, when America's unleashing of the global jihad in order to bring down the Soviet Union blew back most horrifically in the worst-ever attack on America, the slaughter of some 3,000 Americans on American soil.