Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hagel Opposed Iran Sanctions

Incredibly, President Obama's defense secretary pick is opposed to sanctions as well as armed action to stop Islamist Iran from developing nuclear weapons (including warheads for Iranian ICBMs). Read more.

Hagel is a horrible choice. It's one thing to be against unnecessary interventions--the main lesson of the ruinous Vietnam War--and another thing, entirely, to be against use of military action to prevent a Nazi-like power from acquiring the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Iran is not Vietnam.

Iran isn't Iraq, either. Iraq was a contained secular enemy that had no connection to 9/11 and no meaningful Islamist ties. The war was unnecessary--a monumental strategic blunder by arguably the worst-ever President of the United States. Iran is an Islamist enemy; its intentions include the destruction of both Israel and the United States. To believe otherwise, to assume that peaceful coexistence with a nuclear armed Iran would be possible, is not to have not learned the lessons of Vietnam. To trust Iran is to have not learned the lessons of Munich.

Had he been alive and in a position of power in the 1930s, Hagel would have believed … and appeased … Hitler.