Sunday, January 27, 2013

How the American Press Reported Hitler's Rise

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Tracked the Monster's Ascent to Power;
Prestige Press, Preeminent Public Intellectual Ignored Nazi Threat

Eighty years ago this Wednesday, on January 30, 1933, the president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, appointed Adolf Hitler Germany's chancellor.

It is worth recalling how the press monitored the Nazi monster's rise to power. A brief summary:

JEWISH PRESS SERVICE:  Unlike other news organizations, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency paid close attention to the Nazi threat. The global Jewish community news service began tracking Hitler's rise in 1921. Click here for the story.

PRESTIGE PRESS: JTA's record contrasts sharply with reporting by America's leading daily newspapers. During the late 1930s and early '40s, The New York Times, the New York Herald Tribune, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times downplayed Germany's antisemitic policies and persecution--and slaughter--of European Jewry. The Newhouse newspaper chain basically ignored or buried news of the Holocaust until the magnitude of what had occurred became common knowledge.

PREEMINENT COLUMNIST: Most perfidious was the silence of America's most influential columnist and so-called public intellectual, Walter Lippmann. Though Jewish, or perhaps because of it--his self-loathing was legendary--Lippmann, a figure revered by generations of liberal journalists, was completely insensitive to the plight of European Jewry, At one time, he even advocated relocating European Jews to Africa. An appeasement advocate, Lippmann transcended his European counterparts with commentary that was practically pro-Nazi. His early columns on Hitler praised the Nazi leader as "statesmanlike" and the "authentic voice of a genuinely civilized people." In a column that appeared in the New York Herald Tribune on May 19, 1933 Lippmann wrote that he had heard a speech by Hitler that provided convincing evidence of good faith and that persecuting the Jews served a purpose by "satisfying" a yearning by Germans to "conquer somebody."

Today's Lippmanns urge appeasement of and engagement--collaboration--with the new Hitlers, the leaders of radical Islam in general and Islamist Iran in particular, whose nuclear-arming, missile-mad leaders are clearly bent on finishing Hitler's evil work--meaning, realizing the Iranian Islamist dream of a "world without America or Zionism."

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