Thursday, January 10, 2013

Imagining Iran's Secret Nuclear Missile Plan

What if? 

Iran is developing nuclear weapons. What if Iran's plan is to not repeat Moscow's mistake--meaning, publicly announce a nuclear threat to the United States rather than wait for the threat to be discovered by Washington, as was the case in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

There seems little reason to assume that Islamist Iran, an ally of Stalinist/Kimist North Korea, does not intend (a) to deploy a fleet of seemingly civilian, nuclear missile-armed cargo ships within (EMP and coastal city) striking distance of the U.S. and (b) to announce the deployment and demand public assurances from the U.S. that it will neither attack Iran over its nuclear program nor support an Israeli attack on the country.

Thousands of freighters--flying flags of convenience--approach U.S. waters on a daily basis. There is no known defense against a sea-launched missile attack on the nation; missiles can be fired from launch pads concealed in shipping containers. Iran and North Korea have developed and test-fired such systems.

The installation of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba sparked a crisis that almost ended in a nuclear war that would have destroyed much, if not all, of the human race. But the reckless Soviet adventure also secured Cuba's Communist regime, saved it from further U.S. invasion attempts.

Iran's Islamist monsters have studied this history.