Thursday, January 03, 2013

Islamists Fighting for Control of Syrian Airports

Islamist rebels are trying end the Syrian regime's air advantage. Read more.

The Syrian situation is fouled up (polite form) beyond all recognition. The United States and its Arab and Western allies apparently instigated an uprising against Iran's secular (but steadily Islamizing) Arab ally, which is also allied with Russia, under cover of the so-called Arab Spring, which has turned into a period of prolonged springtime for Hitlerian Islamists and winter for the region's secular Muslims and non-Muslims. The insurrection is backed by the U.S. and its allies in spite of being dominated by Islamists, including Al Qaeda supporters, sympathizers and outright members--i.e. fighters belonging to AQ affiliates and offshoots.

Once again, the U.S. healer--an administration that intervenes unnecessarily in the name of democracy promotion--is doing incredible harm. The Bush administration, which failed to destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban after the worst-ever attack on American soil was carried out by the terrorists, turned a contained, secular enemy, Iraq, into an Islamist-dominated Iranian satellite. The Bush administration also aided the rise of Hamas in Gaza and prevented the traditional guardian of Turkey's secular system--the military--from moving to save the NATO member from full Islamization. The Obama administration, as if determined to outdo its predecessor, turned a secular asset, Libya, and a U.S. ally, Egypt--the most populous and important Arab nation--into Islamist bases, and helped Turkey's Islamist rulers to strengthen their grip on the country. Transforming Syria into a failed state and Islamist killing ground--while also antagonizing Russia and fueling a new cold war with Moscow--would be an achievement that would rival the catastrophic Carter administration's complicity in the overthrow of Iran's pro-American Shah and the Reagan administration's massive escalation of Carter's secret war in Afghanistan, which unleashed the global jihad that (a) attacked the U.S. on 9/11 and (b) could, unless the menace is utterly defeated, one day attack the U.S. again--with atomic arms.

So it goes.