Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liberal Media Downplay Al Qaeda Attack

Liberal media outlets are mobilizing, making every effort possible, it seems, to downplay--or ignore--the slaughter of innocents, including an American citizen, Frederick Buttaccio, in Algeria by Islamist maniacs affiliated with  Al Qaeda.

[UPDATE: Algeria's interior ministry says the nation's hostage crisis has ended with 23 hostages and 32 terrorists killed. On Satuday the ministry said Saturday security forces managed to free 107 foreign hostages and 685 Algerians.]

The media are clearly bent on following the Obama party line, which is that Al Qaeda has been "decimated" by drone strikes. Attacks by Al Qaeda branches and so-called franchises spoil the narrative.

Put differently, liberal pundits are more riled up about America's National Rifle Association than they are about Al Qaeda, more interested in disarming law-abiding Americans--and disinforming the American public--than in defeating rightwing political Islam and preventing the world's leading Islamist menace, Iran's turbaned tyranny, from acquiring atomic arms.

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