Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Fears Over Syria's Uranium

Fomented Civil War Puts Stockpile at Risk

More bad news from Syria, where foreign interventions, meddling and intrigue are ripping a country apart. Click here.

If Syria is to be split into parts--and this may be the only realistic solution for the Arab country--the segments should be autonomous and demilitarized with an overarching, politically neutral, national government. A Swiss-style solution, with compensation to Russian firms for loss of arms sales and Moscow allowed to maintain its limited Tartus naval installation for a reasonable time period … this was possible. That the United States showed no interest in the idea speaks volumes about its intentions--namely, to use the so-called Arab Spring as political cover to bring to power yet another Sunni Islamist regime.

Pulling Syria out of Iran's orbit makes great sense--something that should and could have been done in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 without the need to break apart the country. But bringing the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda to power in Syria is ...  insane.