Sunday, January 27, 2013

North Korea Ratchets Up Anti-US Rhetoric

Escalation Ahead of A-Bomb Test With Ally Iran

North Korea is escalating rhetorically, promising to take unspecified actions against the United States and South Korea. Read more.

The war talk coincides with a looming, Iran-assisted North Korean nuclear bomb test. Foreign Confidential™ has repeatedly called attention to Iran's role in North Korea's nuclear and ICBM programs. Click here to read an expert column that confirms Foreign Confidential™ reporting and analysis in this regard, referring to Pyongyang's planned provocation--perhaps for the first time by an analyst of such stature--as a "joint" project.

And click here for an in-depth, up-to-date report on South Korea's analysis of the debris from the North's most recent rocket launch. The findings highlight possible Iranian involvement in the building and design of the missile.