Saturday, January 26, 2013

North Korea Ready to Test Nuke 'Targeting US'

Sanctions Fail to Stop Iran's Missile-Mad, Atomic Ally 

Satellite images reveal that North Korea is ready to detonate another nuclear weapon. Read more.

North Korea boasts that its nuclear tests and long-range rocket launches are "targeted at the United States."

China can--but won't--put an end to North Korean provocations. Reason: the North's illicit ICBM and nuclear tests serve Chinese interests. Beijing regards its impoverished vassal as both a shield and a potential sword against the United States, which Chinese military leaders view as a dying but dangerous hegemon.

North Korea's nuclear-arming ally, Islamist Iran, is probably paying for the test in some way. Iranian military and technical personnel will certainly observe the upcoming explosion. It would be interesting to know if there has been a spike in Farsi communications emanating from Pyongyang.