Saturday, January 05, 2013

Obama's New Egypt: Death Threats to Jews, Israel

A Muslim Brotherhood official recently invited Israeli Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt in the context of predicting Israel's destruction. The Islamic Jihad terrorist group responded by threatening to kill any Jew that returns to Egypt--on religious grounds. Click here for the story.

Here's the backstory: The Obama administration betrayed and abandoned an American ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who suppressed rightwing political Islam (Islamism) and preserved peace with Israel for three decades. Obama emboldened and encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood--fountainhead of Islamic clerical fascism--to oust Mubarak. The United States is now overtly allied--for the first time--with the MB and practically all Islamists, except for so-called irreconcilable Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Iran's Shiite regime (which rebuffed Obama's overtures).

Fact is, the MB and Islamic Jihad … and Al Qaeda … are merely different factions of the same, monstrous movement. The Nazis had their leftwing and rightwing factions. So what? The Roosevelt administration didn't side with either of them. FDR beat the fascist bastards.

Obama backs them.

The man he helped to put in power in Egypt has denounced Israeli Jews as "bloodsuckers," "warmongers," and "descendants of apes and pigs." Click below for the video.

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