Thursday, January 03, 2013

Poll Reveals 'Israel Gap' Between Republicans and Dems

In the United States, bipartisan backing for Israel is slipping. Read more.

Left/liberal support for … fascism … that is to say, Islamism, a variety of clerical fascism, is mind boggling. Not since the Left lined up for Stalin has there been such a blatant betrayal of the progressive ideal. Useful Idiots of Appeasement argue that Hitlerian Hezbollah and Hamas are essentially progressive; so-called liberals defend Tehran's turbaned tyranny, including a supposed right to develop nuclear weapons.

Where's the outrage?

There is hardly any to speak of--because a fish rots from the head down.The Obama administration's foreign policy--which considers practically every Islamist government or group worthy of support, or, at the very least, all right to "engage"--encourages the Democratic Party's perfidious, political shift.