Friday, January 11, 2013

Turkey Blames PKK for Paris Murders

As predicted by Foreign Confidential within hours of the news of the crime, Turkey is blaming the shooting deaths in Paris of three Kurdish activists on an internal PKK power struggle having to do with peace talks between the separatist organization and Ankara. Turns out, there was a tacit agreement between the PKK and Turkey that Europe was off limits for high-profile assassinations. Read more.

The Kurdish struggle has been so internationalized--there are aso many foreign hands involved in the PKK--that it is practically impossible for an outsider to have a clear view of what is really happening. Every member of the group must be wondering about every other member's alliances and loyalties.

All modern independence movements experience internal conflicts and rivalries. But boldly killing three women in their own central Paris headquarters sets a new precedent in the field of political violence. The execution-style murders more closely resemble the crimes of gangsters fighting for turf or settling scores among themselves than the actions of an apparently trusted individual with easy access to a political information center.