Friday, February 01, 2013

French President Going to Mali this Weekend

Hollande Will Visit Timbuktu, Tour Liberated Areas

French President  Francois Hollande will visit Mali this weekend with his defense chief. His nation's troops have been battling Al Qaeda-linked Islamists, liberating the people of Timbuktu and other areas from a clerical fascist reign of terror. Read more.

The cowardice and criticism shown by France's allies, who have at most offered modest support and lukewarm praise for the intervention, is sickening, to say the least. France is fighting for civilized humanity, which is threatened by the worst enemy the world has seen since the rise of Nazi Germany.

The position and involvement of the United States is unclear. There appears to be some logistical support; but covert military backing could also be underway. One can only hope this is the case, for the Islamist/fascist scum that overran northern Mali were unleashed and aided by the wholly unnecessary U.S./NATO intervention in Libya, where an absolutely contained, secular despotism that had actually been converted into an asset in the war against Al Qaeda, specifically, and Islamism in general, was replaced with an Islamist-dominated regime--a so-called government that has allowed Al Qaeda to run wild and was complicit in the murder of four American citizens, including, the American ambassador to Libya, and the smuggling of arms to Al Qaeda in Sinai and Syria.