Monday, February 25, 2013

How Iran is Likely to Interpret Argo's Win

Argo, a second-rate, semi-fictional political thriller about rescuing American diplomats in Iran in the aftermath of the (Carter administration-assisted) ouster of the pro-American Shah, won the Oscar for best picture of the year.

The least sophisticated members of Iran's clerical fascist (Islamist) regime will see the win--and First Lady Michelle Obama's participation in presenting the award--as an attempt to influence public opinion ahead of an attack on Iran's nuclear sites. But the atomic ayatollah and his Hitlerian maniac-in-chief are likely to interpret Argo's Academy Award differently--as a White House-endorsed, Hollywood plea for a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff. The film's subtext is that Iran can be contained by a combination of international cooperation and clandestine--but non-violent--work.

That Lincoln did not win best picture of the year will be seen by conspiracy-obsessed Iranians as an indication that the American establishment has lost its stomach for conflict