Saturday, February 23, 2013

Iran Reports Uranium Discovery, Plans 16 Nuclear Plants

Iran is boasting, bullying, taunting and … terrorizing … its neighbors and the United States. Read more. 

The Islamist regime, which was installed more than three decades ago--with the complicity of the catastrophic Carter administration--is a global menace. The atomic ayatollah and his missile-mad mullahs and their maniac-in-chief constitute today's greatest threat to world peace, apart from their partner in nuclear and missile crimes, the criminally insane Kimist regime of North Korea, which is basically a country-sized concentration camp--with weapons of mass destruction.

The road to Middle East peace … and a safer and more stable world … runs through Tehran. Remove the regime and everything changes for the better. The Islamist system cannot be reformed; rather, the system must be smashed, one way or another.

A Grand Bargain with the devil isn't possible. Perfidious pacts will lead at best to another 9/11; at worst, to an attack or attacks that could cause the deaths of millions of Americans. Google EMP.

Appeasement and attempts to engage (collaborate with) the monstrous regime have already made war inevitable. Will the war be fought on Iranian terms?