Sunday, February 17, 2013

Iranian Expert Observed N. Korean Nuclear Test

Intelligence Confirms Foreign Confidential Comment

Confirmed: At least one Iranian nuclear expert observed North Korea's nuclear weapon test. Read more. 

Foreign Confidential commented on February 12:

A delegation of Iranians, including military and intelligence officers and nuclear scientists and technicians, surely observed the detonation. The explosion could even be called a joint test.

On January 26, Foreign Confidential predicted that Iranians would be on hand for the event as follows:

North Korea's nuclear-arming ally, Islamist Iran, is probably paying for the test in some way. Iranian military and technical personnel will certainly observe the upcoming explosion. It would be interesting to know if there has been a spike in Farsi communications emanating from Pyongyang.

Iran's interest in the North Korean test belies Iranian denials that the Islamist regime is pursuing nuclear arms. The United States and its allies should make the point loud and clear: a nation seeking civilian nuclear power does not send its top nuclear expert--the father of its nuclear program--to observe the detonation of a nuclear bomb or warhead.

Among others who have called for better relations with Iran, which is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, Chuck Hagel should be asked what possible legitimate reason Iran could have for sending its nuclear chief to North Korea.

The choice of Hagel for defense secretary dovetails with speculation that the Obama administration is preparing to draft a UN Security Council resolution endorsing a phony fatwa by Iran's atomic ayatollah. Read more.

NOTE: Entirely separate and apart from Foreign Confidential, Israel-based DEBKAFile reported in depth about Iran's participation in North Korea's nuclear test, providing detailed coverage of the whole partnership in proliferation.

Foreign Confidential (formerly China Confidential) is the only media outlet that accurately predicted the exact dates of the first two North Korean nuclear tests.

Barring major military actions against North Korea and Iran, or miraculous regime changes from within (or with Chinese assistance, in North Korea's case), the unthinkable will eventually happen: thousands of innocent people will perish as a result of an attack or attacks carried out with nuclear--or biological--weapons made in Iran and North Korea.

Not only will appeasement of and even more perfidious attempts to collaborate with (engage) the two rogue states fail to prevent war; the craven policies and cynical schemes will make war inevitable--on Iranian and North Korean terms.