Saturday, March 30, 2013

Imagine if Al Qaeda in August 2001 Had Announced its Intention to Attack New York City and Kill Thousands of Americans

Regarding North Korean Threats and the US Response

A senior U.S. official says North Korea does not intend to turn its war of words into a shooting war. 


How can the official be so certain?

Why should we believe him?

His main reason for being so complacent, so cocksure that the North is just engaging in "pot-banging" is that the regime continues to promote tourism and trade.

Apparently, the senior official is not familiar with the word deception.

Apparently, he didn't read this North Korean tourism-related story. 

Understand that the Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, has consistently been all wrong on both North Korea and Iran. Diplomacy for its own sake has failed. Appeasement and attempts to engage (collaborate with) the rogue states have failed to stop their atomic--and missile--advances.

The world has seen this movie before.

In the years leading up to World War II, the European powers--and the appeasement advocates in the United States--assured their fellow citizens that Nazi Germany had no intention of starting a war, that Hitler would be satisfied with minor territorial concessions.

The appeasers were dead wrong. Appeasement made war inevitable--on Germany's terms.

A North Korean attack on South Korea is much less unthinkable than, say, an Al Qaeda attack on New York City was in early September of 2001, before the 11th day of that month. Imagine if the terrorist group had in July or August of 2001 announced its intention to tear down skyscrapers and slaughter thousands of Americans in Manhattan's financial district.

A "senior official" … or the President himself … would most likely have dismissed the terrorist vow as mere bluster.

ENDNOTE: The run-up to World War II should have permanently demolished the liberal myth that countries that trade don't invade. Nazi propaganda played up the notion that Germany's new rulers were mainly interested in trade and cultural exchanges--tourism, too. The Nazis even hired a U.S. public relations firm to produce a brochure inviting American tourists to ship their own cars to Germany for private excursions. A copy of the cover of the brochure, titled "Driving Your Own Car in Germany," appears at the left of this text block. Given a chance, it would not be hard for the Kimists to find a firm willing to produce a contemporary version for North Korea, omitting the concentration camps, of course.