Sunday, March 10, 2013

Iran Bribes Will be Key to Maintaining Venezuela Alliance

Foreign Confidential analysts believe Iran will depend more on old fashioned bribes of foreign government officials--cash payments and wire transfers to secret, offshore bank accounts--than on political and ideological arguments in order to maintain Iran's alliance with Venezuela in the wake of the death of the country's fiercely anti-American president, Hugo Chavez, who was an enthusiastic and outspoken supporter of Iranian foreign policy.

Iran needs Venezuelan oil products in the face of international sanctions and use of Venezuela as a base for both money laundering and terrorism--i.e. a launch pad from which Iran can attack U.S. and Israeli targets across Latin America and perhaps, even, the United States homeland, in a future war with Washington and Jerusalem over Iran's nuclear program.

Venezuela is key to Iran's Western Hemisphere strategy, which recalls Nazi Germany's penetration of Latin America.