Friday, March 29, 2013

Is North Korea Preparing a Bloody Easter Sunday?


Is North Korea preparing an Easter Sunday sneak attack on South Korea?


The Kimist regime, which has threatened to "liberate" South Korea--and to attack the United States with nuclear weapons--is fanatically opposed to Christianity. Of an estimated 200,000 prisoners in North Korea--including political prisoners and people considered politically unreliable--70,000 of them are believed to be Christians. (Click here to read about the prison camps.)

About 30% of South Koreans are Christian. Although Easter Sunday is not celebrated in South Korea as publicly as Christmas, the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead as described in the New Testament is certainly observed by South Korean Protestants and Catholics.

Easter Sunday isn't a federal holiday in the U.S. But the holiday is important--the greatest feast in the Christian calendar. And the local Easter egg hunt and White House Easter Egg Roll are cherished traditions for millions of Americans, including secular Christians and many non-Christians.

So, North Korea could be planning to violently mar the holiday for South Koreans and Americans. The mad dictatorship seems bent on provoking conflict at some level.

Connect the Dots

And, at the risk of being boringly repetitious, it must again be said that instigating crisis and conflict in Northeast Asia is in the interest of Pyongyang's partner in nuclear/missile crime--Christianity-hating, Islamist Iran--which, for starters, aims to drive the U.S. from the Middle East. Long term, the new Nazi Germany seeks its adversary's actual destruction along with Israel's annihilation--a world, as Iranian leaders openly muse, "without America and Zionism."

Not for nothing, as Foreign Confidential has repeatedly asserted, have Iranians observed every North Korean nuclear and major missile test.

The times are perilous; to pretend otherwise seems downright suicidal.

POSTSCRIPT: Assuming the North does not attack this weekend, the period from April 15, which is the birthday of North Korea's founder and "Eternal President," Kim Il Sung, to July 27, the day the Korean War armistice was signed in 1953--called a "Commemorative Day of War Victory" in the North--is almost certain to be an especially dangerous time.

PPS: Regarding the "state of war" announcement, can the U.S. be sure that the North's 28-year-old dictator knows his military's real power? How do we know he is being told the truth by his generals and advisers? Could it be that that they are lying to him--telling him, for whatever reasons, that their country is capable of actually defeating the U.S. in a nuclear war--and that he is ignorant, or insane, enough to believe the lies? Stranger things have happened.

This much is certain: Washington is in uncharted territory. There has never been an escalation like this one in the nuclear age. The Cuban Missile Crisis came close to blowing up the planet. There is no way of knowing where the new Korean crisis will lead.