Sunday, March 31, 2013

North Korea: 'Nukes are Nation's Life'

Vows to Strengthen Arsenal, Launch More 'Satellites'

North Korea says its "life" depends on nuclear weapons, vows to add to its arsenal.

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The statement should not surprise Foreign Confidential readers. This blog has predicted, practically since its inception, that the North will never abandon atomic arms, contrary to the view of appeasers and legions of dumbbell diplomats, who foolishly--dangerously--believe it is possible to do business with the Kimist regime.

Worse, even, any chance there might have been to bribe the North into scrapping its weapons of mass destruction was completely blown by the unbelievably unnecessary and incredibly idiotic U.S./NATO intervention in Libya--on the side of Al Qaeda-associated and -sympathizing Islamists. Like it or not, the United States and its Western allies had made a deal with the Libyan dictator, which he had lived up to, scrapping his WMD programs and providing important support for the fight against radical Islam. Betraying him basically guaranteed that in the future no regime would ever again give up WMD absent armed conflict and military defeat.

ENDNOTE: North Korea and Iran believe from their study of history and discussions with their ally, Cuba, that but for nuclear weapons--meaning, more specifically, the willingness of the Soviet Union, a supposed "rational actor," to install nuclear missiles in Cuba in order to threaten the United States with nuclear war and the world with nuclear annihilation--Washington would have long ago ousted the Castro regime. Neither North Korea nor Iran have any intention of ever stopping their atomic--and missile--advances. Nor will they surrender their chemical and biological weapons (the latter produced in cooperation with Cuba).