Saturday, March 30, 2013

San Diego on North Korea's Attack Map

San Diego, California, the state's second largest city, and a city long associated with the U.S. Navy, is on North Korea's seemingly absurd--but seriously disturbing--attack map.

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Appeasers/engagers and diplomacy-at-all-cost-ers pooh-pooh the map and North Korean threats as propagandistic posturing and bluster.

Maybe so. One can only hope for the best … and prepare for the worst … including, if necessary, preemptively destroying the enemy before it destroys us. As the Talmud teaches, (derived from Deuteronomy 22:26): Habah l'hargecha hashkem l'hargo -- "If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first. However, it should never be done with glee."

Consider the following:
  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and has threatened--actually vowed--to use the weapons against the United States. 
  • North Korea has long-, medium- and short-range ballistic missiles. 
  • North Korea has one of the world's largest arsenals of chemical weapons and is also believed to have developed biological weapons--in close cooperation with Iran.
  • North Korea has one of the world's largest armed forces, including submarines and special forces capable of quickly overpowering South Korean positions. 
  • North Korea has announced that it has "entered a state of war" with South Korea and that it intends to conduct a "war of national liberation" against the South.
  • Nearly 30,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea are within North Korean artillery range. Correctly or incorrectly, the North sees these troops as sitting ducks.
  • North Korean missiles fired from North Korean territory can hit U.S. bases on Okinawa, Japan, and Guam.
  • While unlikely, it could be possible for North Korean missiles fired from North Korean territory to hit Hawaii, Alaska and California.
  • North Korea and Iran are believed to have jointly developed and test-fired ballistic missiles from cargo vessels.There is no known defense against missiles fired into U.S. coastal cities from such vessels, thousands of which approach U.S. waters every day. Nor is there any known defense against a high-altitidue EMP missile strike fired from a seemingly civilian freighter or barge.
  • Nuclear bombs and warheads can be concealed in shipping containers. 
  • North Korea and Iran could be working on a FOBS (Fractional Orbital Bombardment System).The U.S. has no known defense against a FOBS missile or pseudo-satellite--i.e. nuclear warhead--attack from over the South Pole.
  • Iranians have attended every North Korean nuclear and major missile test.
  • Iran, which muses openly about "a world without America and Zionism," has threatened to attack the U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico.