Monday, March 18, 2013

War Game Highlights Horror of a Nuclear Iran

Simulating the unthinkable….

In a tense war game that itself nearly spun out of control, participants playing Iran used Hezbollah to bombard Israeli cities with conventional missiles--tipped with made-in-Iran cluster bombs--and a crude but effective Iranian nuclear force, including road-mobile missiles, to bring Israel to the brink of destruction and radically alter Iran's power relationship with the United States.

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The war game described in the article is actually a synthesis, or composite, of several simulations. The main point, however, is terrifying: there is no way to know how a nuclear-armed Iran would actually use its weapons of mass destruction. Our assumptions about deterrence could be wildly wrong.

POSTSCRIPT: Assumptions about deterring iran's proliferation partner, North Korea, could also be wildly wrong.