Saturday, April 13, 2013

Britain Debates 'The Spirit of '45'

As austerity ravages Britain and the rest of Europe, a stirring documentary film about a forgotten postwar period is released. Click here to read a rave review; here, for a negative one; below, to screen the trailer.

POSTSCRIPT: Click here, too, for an intelligent (albeit one-sided) panel discussion of the film by two members of the British Left. What makes the TV program weirdly fascinating--and disturbing--is that it is a production of the propaganda network of the world's foremost clerical fascist regime, Iran's monstrous mullahocracy. Hence, the interviewer's (reactionary and oppressive) headscarf. Like her guests, she is both pleasant and articulate and seemingly sympathetic to the social democratic point of view. How she and they can associate themselves with an arm of a regime that murders and tortures and enslaves its people in the name of religion … that denies the Holocaust while promoting Nazi-like views and plotting a new … nuclear … holocaust … is truly mind boggling. Not since loyal, Moscow-controlled Communist Party members and their fellow travelers dutifully followed Stalin in the wake of his perfidious pact with Hitler has the European Left behaved so badly.