Friday, April 26, 2013

British Mandate High Commissioner's Group Libel Revealed

Antisemitic Imperialist Compared Courageous Hagana to Nazis 

Yet more disgusting revelations from the antisemitic British government's archives.

Absurd anglophiles, including those who worship the degenerate (Nazi-admiring and collaborationist) so-called royal family, should hang their heads in shame. From America to Africa, from Ireland to India … to the Land of Israel … brave men and women fought to free themselves from the British yoke of tyranny. The British only left a land when they were kicked out of it. (Had the United States not stupidly and unnecessarily intervened in the First World War on the British side, the war would probably have ended in a stalemate with a negotiated peace; and, absent Germany's humiliating defeat, there probably would never have been Nazi Germany and a Second World War.)

Fact is, the taking down of the British flag in Palestine and wherever the British were forced to flee was a great day for humanity. Glory-o to the bold Fenian men … and to the men and women of the Hagana and the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Lehi. Cursed be the names of those who murdered and jailed the freedom fighters.