Friday, April 05, 2013

Castro Advises Ally N. Korea to Avoid Nuclear War

But Once Nuclear-Mad Cuban Communist Has Harsh Words for US 

Fidel Castro: "If a conflict such as this erupts there, Barack Obama's government in its second term would be buried by a deluge of images that would present him as the most sinister character in U.S. history. The duty to avoid [war] is also his and the American people's."

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As Foreign Confidential has repeatedly reported, North Korea and Iran believe from their study of history and discussions with their ally, Cuba, that but for nuclear weapons--meaning, more specifically, the willingness of the Soviet Union, a supposed "rational actor," to install nuclear missiles in Cuba in order to threaten the United States with nuclear war and the world with nuclear annihilation--Washington would have long ago ousted the Castro regime. Neither North Korea nor Iran have any intention of ever stopping their atomic--and missile--advances. Nor will they surrender their chemical and biological weapons (the latter produced in cooperation with Cuba).