Saturday, April 27, 2013

Europe's Recession Deepens because of Austerity

Savage Spending Cuts Killing Continent 

The recession is deepening; the unemployment crisis, worsening.

Austerity--draconian cutting of government spending in the name of "reform" when stimulus is called for--is ending entire ways of life, destabilizing democracies, pauperizing the middle classes, transferring wealth upward to the privileged few, etc. The Continent is being devastated by class warfare--from the top--as powerful, wealthy elites strive to further degrade and ultimately destroy trade unions, dismantle social services, roll back all progressive, postwar gains, and basically bring the middle classes down to the level of China's factory workers.

The Austerians' strategic objective is coming into sharper focus. They appear to be aiming for a world of workers with few, if any rights, permanently poised on the edge of extinction, with just enough disposable cash to keep the consumer economy going.