Saturday, April 06, 2013

Experts Say N. Korea Can Nuke S. Korea and Japan

Arms experts say North Korea is capable of firing nuclear-tipped missiles at South Korea and Japan, but probably not yet capable of nuking targets in the United States.

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The article overlooks the North's test-firing of ballistic missiles from cargo vessels.

Additionally, Pyongyang and its partner in nuclear and missile crimes, Iran, are suspected of working on a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System, which could create a path over the South Pole for a nuclear ICBM or satellite/warhead attack on the U.S.

Is there a Deterrent?   

Key question: what … exactly … is the deterrent against a North Korean nuclear attack on the U.S. homeland or overseas bases, or on U.S. allies?

Considering the unprecedented threats by North Korea to strike the U.S. homeland with nuclear weapons … and the trillions of taxpayer dollars spent on U.S. defense … don't the American people deserve an answer to the above question?

Shouldn't the President of the United States make perfectly clear that the detonation of any nuclear device of any kind on or above U.S. or allied soil, even anonymously, would result in the instant obliteration of both North Korea and Iran?

Diplomacy and sanctions have failed to stop the rogue states' atomic advances and aggressive moves. Perhaps it's time for a radically different approach--say, a little less Jimmy Carter and a lot more Al Capone. He would have known how to deal … and do away … with menacing, threatening gangsters.

Just saying….