Tuesday, April 02, 2013

N. Korea Says it Will Restart Shut-Down Nuclear Complex

Yongbyon Facility Includes Uranium Enrichment Unit

The torrent of North Korean threats and belligerent announcements continues.

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Today's development will fuel suspicions of a uranium-based nuclear weapons program in the North in addition to its plutonium program.

How many bombs does the North have in its nuclear arsenal?

Nobody knows the answer to that question--maybe not even the 28-year-old (or 29-year-old) dictator. His advisers could be lying to him.

Has the North mastered miniaturization in order to be able to produce nuclear warheads as well as bombs?

Nobody knows….

Is the North working on a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System, using Cold War-era technology acquired from the Soviet Union, in order to attain an attack path to North America from over the South Pole?

Nobody knows….

Has the North equipped--and already, even, actually deployed--seemingly civilian freighters flying flags of convenience with ballistic missile launch pads concealed in shipping containers?

Nobody knows….

This much is certain: the North's partner in nuclear and missile crimes, Islamist Iran, is watching and drawing conclusions.

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