Sunday, April 21, 2013

Now Comes the Feel-Good Garbage

As U.S. mainstream media, particularly, the news and interview programs of the increasingly irrelevant, over-the-air TV networks, predictably produce, promote and pile up mountains of feel-good garbage ("American resilience," "national character," "all Boston-strong," "unbelievable police work,"etc.) in the aftermath of the worst Islamist/Islamic extremist terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, while ignoring or giving short shrift to the obvious, key questions, it behooves other outlets to step up to the plate and do the asking, to wit:

  • How, exactly, did the bombers slip through the security net, given Russia's request for an FBI investigation of the older Tsarnaev brother because of his suspected ties to Islamist terrorists in the Caucusus?
  • The brothers lived about two miles from the crime scene…. Why wan't the older brother immediately located, detained and questioned within hours of the attack? 
  • In view of the enormous expenditures of taxpayer dollars on national security and defense, aren't there location-specific databases of known and suspected terrorists and extremists of various kinds--e.g. Islamists and white supremacists?
  • When video and still images of the bombing suspects surfaced, why wasn't the older brother immediately recognized by someone in the FBI--namely, the agent or agents who interviewed him a few years ago?
  • When the images of the suspects were released to the media, why weren't their names--at the very least, the name of the older brother--also released? 

There would seem to be only two logical explanations for what transpired: incompetence and ineptitude, or the troubling answer suggested by the Israeli intelligence news site, DEBKAfile, which is that the Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who "decoyed" the United States--that is to say, agents who turned viciously against the U.S. after they were recruited and trained to penetrate and spy on the overseas Islamist terrorist networks.

Another point that must be made: the media must be monitored and taken to task for deliberately downplaying the significance of other domestic terrorist attacks--specifically, the Islamist terrorist  attacks by Carlos Bledsoe and U.S. Army Major Hassan Nidal, which are stupidly and inexplicably relegated to the category of lone lunatic and workplace violence.