Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US Poll Reveals Strong Anti-Intervionist Sentiment

Again, it's the Economy, Stupid!

Americans are turning inward, weary of war, worried about the economy, wary of new foreign entanglements and adventures that seem to almost always go badly wrong. 

Too many unnecessary interventions, including the ruinous wars in Vietnam and Iraq, and the so-called humanitarian intervention in Libya, most recently, which created yet another Islamist hellhole, appear to have taken their toll. Unfortunately, however, the United States and its allies have real enemies--Radical Islam and Islamist Iran and Iran's partner in nuclear and missile crimes, North Korea. Ignoring the threats that these forces pose to our very existence won't make the threats disappear. A policy of appeasing and attempting to engage (collaborate with) enemies that muse openly about a world without America will not preserve the peace. On the contrary, appeasement and engagement of those who plot and plan our doom and the destruction of our allies will make wars inevitable--on the enemies' terms.