Tuesday, April 16, 2013

World Cities on Alert After Boston Bombings

Across the United States and across oceans, cities are on alert in the wake of the terror bombings.

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Zee News reports

An eight year old boy is among the three dead, and out of 144 injured, at least 17 are said to be in a critical state.  
Most of the injured have suffered dismemberment in the fiery twin blasts. 

DEBKAfile reports

The two explosions, 400 meters apart, were obviously coordinated and designed to cause maximum casualties. The ball-bearings scattered across the crime scene and found in the pockets of some of the casualties were familiar to Israelis and others and telling evidence of Middle East terrorist authorship. 

The article points out the "lack of adequate security" at the event as follows:

This was the world's oldest annual marathon, with 28,000 runners representing athletes from every US state and more than 90 nations. Yet there was no sign of dogs along the route trained to sniff out explosives or a police helicopter overhead with sensors for detecting explosives or traces thereof on the person of anyone present around the finishing line after the blasts.

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