Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bibi to Appeal to Putin Regarding Russian Missiles for Syria

Israel's prime minister plans to meet with Russia's president in an effort to stop Russia's sale of advanced antiaircraft missiles to Syria.

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Israel can only do so much. What the situation in Syria cries out for is U.S. intervention--diplomatically--meaning, a deal between Washington and Moscow that would result in the expulsion of  Iran and Hezbollah from the Arab country, its political neutralization, demilitarization and transformation into a federated state of autonomous provinces, divided along ethnic/religious lines, and the eradication of Al Qaeda and Islamic extremism from the region.

In other words, the time has come for a Grand Bargain with Russia.

Which isn't likely to happen because the Obama administration, like its predecessor, the Bush administration--and like so many of the administration's Republican critics--still seem to believe that it is possible to manipulate radical/rightwing political Islam and the organized religion itself in order to advance U.S. interests at Russia's expense. The strategy, which blew back most horrifically on 9/11, is of course a Cold War concept that dates to the Carter administration's secret war in Afghanistan, the Reagan administration's escalation of the conflict into America's largest-ever covert operation, and even farther, to the Eisenhower administration's clandestine support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and an array of Saudi-financed, international fascist and antisemitic organizations.

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