Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Additional Arrests and an Obvious Question Ignored by Media

Three Arrested for Allegedly Aiding Bombers After Attack

Two Islamic Suspects Drove BMW With "Terrorist License Plate"

Saudis Might Have Warned US About Older Brother and a Bomb Plot

The obvious question, inexplicably ignored by pundits and politicians: Given that the older Tasarnaev brother … and his mother … were (a) on terrorist watch-lists and (b) that the FBI had interviewed the older brother at Russia's request or suggestion … why didn't a database search lead to the brothers being found and questioned within hours of the attack? They lived just about two miles from the crime scene.

And, why, once the suspects had been identified through CCTV images, didn't the agent or agents who had interviewed the older brother some years ago immediately recognize him? Why did the authorities have to appeal to the public to identify the suspects? 

Of what value is the watch-list if it can't be used in such cases?  

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