Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Could Syria Spark World War III?

Could the Syrian civil war spark a third world war?

Yes, unfortunately, as this article suggests.

Syria will not become another Libya, Russia warns, drawing a line in the Middle Eastern sand.

A showdown looms: NATO bombers and/or Israeli fighter planes vs Russian-made antiaircraft missiles.

It should not have come to this. The United States and Russia should have cut a deal--for the political neutralization and the division and demilitarization of Russia's Arab ally with assurances to Russia regarding its naval base at the port of Tartus and compensation for lost arms sales to Russian companies.

But a real deal to end the bloodshed in Syria would have required real diplomacy--and statesmanship--something that the so-called international community hasn't seen in decades.

President Obama, a politician and ex-community organizer, entered the Oval Office aiming to strike a Grand Bargain with an atomic arms-seeking, terrorist-sponsoring gang--Iran's monstrous mullahocracy--which rejected his overtures. A truly statesmanlike Obama would have instead sought Grand Bargains with two nuclear armed great powers--post-Communist/post-Soviet Russia and Communist-in-Name-Only China. They might have welcomed opportunities for genuinely close cooperation, peace preservation, and peacemaking.

POSTSCRIPT: DEBKAfile makes a convincing case for intervention to stop Syria from becoming an Iranian/Hezbollah satellite/base and to prevent possible chemical attacks on Israel. But intervention could result in a clash with Russia as well as all-out war with Iran. And the rebels are dominated by Islamists, including Al Qaeda-linked groups. In short, a nightmare is unfolding. Western, Arab and Turkish meddling in Syria has backfired--against Israel, which finds itself caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The Jewish State could end up suffering the most for Russia's risky decision to firmly support Syria--and Iran--in order to counter U.S. influence in the region and pay the U.S. back for Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, etc.