Saturday, May 25, 2013

Craven Western Governments Cater to Islamist Immigrants

European immigration policies are paving the way for Islamist terrorism and separatism.

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Liberal Idiots of Appeasement

Making matters worse, liberal idiots of appeasement insist on supporting the so-called Arab Spring that has spread the clerical fascist cancer across Muslim/Middle Eastern nations.

Democracy is ideal. But in backward, pre-capitalist nations, the actual alternatives are modernizing, secular despotism or theocracy; and secular despotism is better--and more progressive--than theocracy. Real liberals and genuine progressives should stand for the utter destruction and defeat of radical/rightwing political Islam and overlapping Islamic fundamentalism and extremism.

Ironically, today's phony liberals and leftists have this in common with the likes of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher (and the jerk Jimmy Carter): a bizarre belief--especially in light of 9/11--that it is possible to ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten, that Islamism/Islamic fundamentalism and extremism can be manipulated without blowback. Conservatives saw/see Islamism/Islam as a shield/sword against Soviet/post-Soviet Russia. Leftists/liberals see Islamism/Islam as an inherently political religion of the poor--the restive masses of the Third World--and thus automatically worthy of support and potentially useful in the struggle to cripple capitalism.

All of which is dangerous nonsense. There can be no common cause--and no peaceful coexistence--with the bearded barbarians who stand for slavery and burqas, bombings and beheadings.

FDR partnered with Stalin in order to defeat Hitler. Today's liberal idiots of appeasement and multicultural madness would have avoided all-out war and would have instead sought to  "understand" the "root causes" and "legitimate grievances" of Nazism and Nazi Germany--and the pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, Grand Mufti and other Nazi collaborators of "the Muslim World."

Endnotes: From Arabists to Muslim Worlders

ENDNOTE 1: Having lost the war against radical Islam, President Obama has declared victory over "terror." Understand, as he would say, what has happened. He has narrowed the definition of the enemy to Al Qaeda alone, making clear that all other Islamist groups and regimes are acceptable candidates for engagement (collaboration). For the first time in history, the United States is now overtly aligned with rightwing political Islam, having needlessly intervened in Libya on the Islamist side, and having meddled in Egypt, where the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood is now in power, thanks in large measure to the U.S. betrayal and abandonment of its longtime, secular Muslim Arab friend and ally, Hosni Mubarak. U.S.-backed Islamists are firmly in charge of Turkey--the Bush administration did a good job of preventing the Turkish military from ending the Islamist rise there--and striving to take over Syria, where a civil war threatens to engulf the entire Middle East/Central Asia region.

ENDNOTE 2: Whatever happened to the Arab world, which includes Christians and other (persecuted oppressed and menaced) minorities? This reporter is almost nostalgic for the days when critics of the U.S. State Department complained, not unreasonably,  that it was infested with (anti-Israel) Arabists. Obama's outreach to the so-called Muslim world is odious because it has elevated a fundamentally Islamist concept--that of a global Muslim nation bound by religious beliefs to an extent that transcends all political boundaries and national, ethnic and even theological differences--to the level of a superpower.

Has a U.S. President ever formally "reached out" to the Christian world? Of course not. Obama's insistence on referring to the Muslim world, on making the term a part of U.S. foreign policy, has effectively encouraged the Islamist advance that threatens secular Muslims and non-Muslims the world over. The ideological concession has also helped to further Islamize the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict, essentially legitimizing intervention and interference by non-Arab, NATO-member Turkey and nuclear-arming, non-Arab Iran, which openly muses about a "world without America and Zionism."

Arabists warped America's view of the Middle East; Muslim Worlders are facilitating America's expulsion from the region--and its conquest by the greatest threat to civilized humanity since the rise of Nazi Germany.

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