Thursday, May 02, 2013

European Muslim Youths Joining Islamist-Led Syrian Rebels

Another Afghanistan-Like Blowback in the Works 

Thousands of young jihadist men from European nations, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, are said to be traveling to Syria to join the Islamist insurrection.

The influx sets the stage for a bizarre showdown in which the United States, NATO and Arab monarchies are backing Sunni Islamist terrorists--so-called rebels--including Al Qaeda members, supporters and sympathizers, against a mass-murdering despotism backed by nuclear arms-seekling, Shiite Islamist Iran and Russia.

No wonder war-weary, economically hard-pressed Americans are turning inward. As the Israeli saying goes, Yesh gvul--Hebrew for There is a limit. 

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