Saturday, May 25, 2013

French Soldier Stabbed by Man Wearing Muslim Robe, Skullcap


A French soldier … stabbed in the neck … by a man dressed as a devout Muslim. The victim was on antiterrorism patrol in western Paris when he was attacked.

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France was already at a heightened state of alert because of the threat of Islamist terror attacks when the assault occurred.  The brazen assault, coming, as it does in the wake of the shocking beheading in broad daylight of a British soldier on a London street, is certain to raise tensions even further.

In related news, mainstream media outlets are refusing to use the "M" word in reporting the riots that have rocked Sweden to its suicidally stupid, pro-appeasement foundations. The violent uprising is in its fifth straight day.

That Europe's so-called Left has failed to resist and reject rightwing political Islam (Islamism) in all its perfidious forms boggles the mind. Truly progressive people should be in the vanguard of a popular front to crush clerical fascism and sweep the reactionary and repressive religious fanatics from the societies they seek to destroy. Instead, European leftists and liberals, like their imbecilic American counterparts, are adamantly pro-appeasement and practically paralyzed by moronic multiculturalism, cultural relativism, etc.