Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hezbollah Chief Accuses US of Backing 'Takfiri' Takeover of Syria

Nasrallah Sees Syria as Strategic Ally that Must be Defended Against Muslims Who Accuse Others of Apostasy, Blames West, Arab Nations, Israel for Conflict, Vows Victory; Ominous Speech Reflects Wider War 

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Comment: Lebanon's Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy and a clerical fascist Foreign Terrorist Organization. Unfortunately, its leader's harangue will resonate across the Middle East in light of recent history, including strategic blunders by Washington and its inexplicable policy of overtly and covertly supporting and engaging (collaborating with) rival Islamist groups and regimes. Dancing with the devil (or riding the tiger--pick the analogy) is a dangerous endeavor that always ends badly.