Thursday, May 09, 2013

Iran Exporting Oil Through Indonesia

Its oil revenues halved by sanctions, Islamist Iran is selling oil via Indonesia.

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And ask yourself this question: why would an oil-rich nation, such as Iran, risk … and lose … so much to develop supposedly civilian nuclear power?

The answer is obvious: Iran is developing nuclear weapons under cover of a nuclear energy program and an apparent foreign policy of prestige--promoting both the lie that the monstrous mullahocracy merely seeks nuclear power in order to provide an alternative energy source and the impression that its atomic advance has also become an essentially harmless (to other nations) quest for enhanced status by a regime that has neither imperialist nor apocalyptic aims.

The opposite is true, of course. Iran's intentions are clearly evil: to overthrow the status quo--at a minimum, more specifically, to dominate the Middle East by destroying Israel and driving the United States from the region. The regime's maximalist intentions are to also destroy--as in annihilate or cripple--the United States. No kidding. Iran means it when it muses openly about a "world without America and Zionism."

Not since Nazi Germany has there been such a threat to U.S. national security, to the Jewish people, and to world peace. The Iranian regime is a menace that must be removed.