Friday, May 03, 2013

Iranian Troops in Syria Face Israel

What appeasement of Islamist Iran … and Islamism in general … has wrought: the SS-like troops of a … nuclear-arming … Nazi-like … imperialist power are closer than ever to the Israeli border. 

Iran's Islamist monsters should never have been allowed to come to power. But for the catastrophic Carter administration's craven and cynical attempt to manipulate rightwing political Islam (Brzezinski's perfidious, "arc of Islam" policy), the Khomeini-ist fascist filth would have remained a footnote of history. The Obama administration's attempt to strike a Grand Bargain with the bearded  bastards/turbaned tyrants failed utterly; Obama's appeasement and attempts to engage (collaborate with) Iran assured it of the time it would need to advance atomically … towards armageddon.