Wednesday, May 08, 2013

PFLP-GC Says Assad Approved Missile Attacks on Israel

A Damascus-based Palestinian terrorist organization, the PFLP-GC, says it has an OK from the embattled Syrian dictator to launch missile attacks against Israel.

The left-leaning group, which has in the past specialized in civilian airline bombings and mass murder of Israeli schoolchildren, has in recent years become an arm of non-Arab, Islamist Iran. The group's aging chief, Ahmed Jibril, recently referred to Iran has the "strategic hope" of the Palestinian people.

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The PFLP-GC (the GC stands for General Command) is an offshoot of the Marxist-Leninist/Pan-Arabist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which pioneered airline hijackings--and bombings--in the 1960s and '70s. The PFLP claimed responsibility for the February 21, 1970 bombing of Swissair Flight SR330, which killed all 38 passengers and nine crew members aboard the plane, and was probably also responsible for the September 8, 1974 bombing of TWA Flight 84, which killed all of its 79 passengers and nine crew members. The bombs in both cases were barometric pressure IEDs.

The PFLP's involvement in airline bombings might have been a response of sorts to criticism by Jibril--he split from the group in 1968 to form his "General Command"--that the PFLP's leadership, headed by Dr. George Habash, a Palestinian Christian physician, had become overly influenced by Palestinian intellectuals and had thus grown soft on so-called armed struggle (code for slaughtering civilians in the name of liberation).