Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Radical Islam in Action: Gunmen Attack Liquor Stores in Baghdad

What the US Wrought in Iraq: Islamist Hell

Islamist gunmen attack liquor stores in Baghdad, kill 12. Another day in the Islamist hell that the United States has helped to create across the Arab world under the banner of democracy promotion. 

Fact: Iraq was a contained secular enemy--accents on secular and contained--with no weapons of mass destruction and no meaningful connections to Al Qaeda, in sharp contrast with (a) Iran, a country that  assisted Al Qaeda before and after 9/11, and was (and still is) a rising Islamist power with ballistic missiles, chemical and biological weapons--and a nuclear arms program--and (b) Saudi Arabia, a duplicitous oil-rich monarchy … actually, a dysfunctional, extended family business passing as a legitimate country … with neither human nor civil rights … which spawned Al Qaeda and supported the Taliban, the monstrous, medieval gang that harbored and aided Al Qaeda before and after 9/11.

As a result of the wholly unnecessary and horribly costly and counterproductive U.S. intervention in Iraq, from which the U.S. has yet to recover, Iraqi secular society was basically destroyed and the country was turned into a Shiite-dominated … Iranian satellite … and a center for Al Qaeda and affiliated Sunni Islamist terrorists, many of whom have migrated to Syria in order to join the U.S./Saudi/Turkish-backed Sunni Islamist insurrection against an embattled … secular … Shiite offshoot (Alawite)-dominated dictatorship that is propped up by Shiite Islamist, non-Arab Iran, its Shiite Islamist, Lebanese Arab terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, and … Russia … which (a) is itself threatened by Sunni Islamists, including groups linked to the Boston Marathon bombers, and (b) is still seething over the U.S. covert intervention in Afghanistan … the Cold War-era conflict that brought the Taliban to power, contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union …  and led to formation and cancerous spread of Al Qaeda.

So it goes.