Monday, June 10, 2013

Assad Threatens 'Strategic' Response to Future IDF Airstrikes

So much for the Assad-is-finished school of thought.

Backed by Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and Iraq, the Syrian dictator is winning his war … and making serious threats to retaliate against Israel, which he accuses of aiding the opposition.

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A confrontation with Israel would serve Iranian/Hezbollah interests and could also rally Arab opinion in Assad's favor.

The Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict has been Islamized and internationalized to dangerous degrees. On its border with Syria, as a result, the Jewish State is presently facing only bad outcomes--Assad's survival with a menacing Iranian presence and possible Russian military involvements or an Al Qaeda-linked Sunni Islamist victory.

Syria should have been lured away from Iran immediately after 9/11. More recently, Syria should have been neutralized, divided and demilitarized with Russian cooperation. It should be in no nation's camp--a federation of autonomous cantons, or provinces, roughly representing the country's main ethnic/religious groups.

Overall, Islamism must be defeated. The West and Russia (and China) should stop dancing with the devils and instead defeat them, utterly, while there is still time….

POSTSCRIPT: Russia is reportedly warning Israel that a Sunni Islamist/Al Qaeda victory in Syria poses a greater threat to Jerusalem than Iran/Hezbollah-backed Assad. Moreover, Russia seems seriously interested in stationing so-called peacekeeping troops in the Golan. It seems just a matter of time before Russian armed units are officially engaged. If and when this happens it will mark the first such time Russia is overtly involved militarily in Syria's defense. Russian special forces and fighter pilots fought for Syria--covertly--in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

The Syrian situation is spiraling out of control. Pro-Sunni Islamist meddling has backfired; potentially catastrophic interventions loom. A regional conflict could trigger a global war.

Which is … insane. One would think the Soviet Union and the Cold War had never ended.

ENDNOTE: Israel isn't about to accept Russia's advice--to be more afraid of a Sunni Islamist takeover of Syria than of a continuation of the current Syrian regime, albeit with increased Iranian involvement in the Arab country.  As awful as it may seem, Islamist chaos and anarchy in Syria is probably preferable, from Israel's perspective, than the rise of another Iran/Hezbollah-dominated neighbor, especially in light of Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Besides, Russia's advice is self-serving: fearing the spread of Sunni Islamism into restive Russian areas--Syria is driving distance from the Russian border--Moscow clearly believes it can peacefully coexist with Shiite Islamist Iran and its Lebanese, Shiite Islamist proxy, Hezbollah.