Thursday, June 06, 2013

Assad Winning War Against Sunni Islamists

Disaster for Israel -- Iran on the Northern Front 

Israel is increasingly caught between a rock and a hard place as a result of Washington's nauseating alliance with Sunni Islamism, seen by the Obama administration as a counter to Shiite Islamism.

The meddling in Syria is backfiring--big-time. Instead of cutting a deal with post-Communist/post-Soviet Russia to neutralize and demilitarize Syria, the administration has stupidly and cynically sided with Al Qaeda-linked Islamists under cover of democracy promotion and sympathy for the devil--i.e. the so-called Arab Spring.

Islamist Iran and its Shiite Islamist, Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, have made tremendous gains in Syria. Leaving them be is unacceptable; but a U.S./NATO/Israeli intervention could engulf the region in a terrible conflict wit the potential of mushrooming (the metaphor is intentional in light of certain chemical and nuclear arsenals) into a world war.

Nearly a century after the First World War, international intrigue, imperial rivalries and entanglements are combining ominously and threatening to combust most horrifically. 

So it goes.