Monday, June 03, 2013

First Death Officially Reported in Turkish Uprising

Victim Was Killed by Taxi that Plowed into Protesters 

The victim, identified by the Turkish doctors union as Mehmet Ayvalitas, was 20 years old and a member of an anarchist-leaning leftwing group, which blamed his death on a "fascist."

The Kemalist Republican People's Party called the victim a "martyr."

Secular Turks, including politically unaffiliated citizens, social democrats, trade unionists, students, artists and intellectuals, are battling brutal police units for control of urban zones.

The middle and working class protesters aim to save Turkey's secular system, which is being dismantled in stages by a clerical fascist--i.e. Islamist--regime that is supported by the supposedly "progressive" Obama administration. 

Liberal media outlets in the United States, enthralled by Obama, have downplayed the Turkish Spring story, following the White House line--which is that the Turkish prime minister is a great friend of the United States and that Turkey's "moderate" Islamism is a a model for "the Muslim world."