Monday, June 03, 2013

Liberal US Media Downplay Turkey's Secular Revolt

NBC the Worst Offender; Network Practically Spikes Story 

Ignored by the pro-Islamist Obama administration and its NATO allies, secular Turks are nevertheless taking to the streets, building barricades, fighting for freedom. Foreign Confidential correspondents say the situation is far more serious than indicated by U.S. media outlets that tend to slavishly follow the Obama party line on foreign policy matters. 

ISTANBUL, June 3 … Turkish police have killed, maimed and brutally beaten protesters. Many protesters have been seriously injured. More than 1,000 have been arrested. There are credible reports of systematic police torture.

Some protesters fear that the Islamist regime is preparing to copy a page from Iran's playbook--squads of pro-regime thugs are reportedly being mobilized to attack protesters.

On the public information front, meanwhile, NBC-TV News is by far the worst offender. The network is behaving like an agent of the Turkish regime--and international Islamism. NBC has practically banned references to Islam or Islamism. Instead, the network's news program viewers were told over the weekend that some Turks are accusing their prime minister of acting in an authoritarian manner. Viewers with little to no knowledge of Turkey's political situation could easily jump to the wrong conclusion--namely, that yet another Muslim  nation is being turned upside down by religious zealots.

The opposite is true, of course. Secular Turks are fed up with clerical fascism and risking their lives, freedom and property to liberate their country from Islamist rule. Turkey isn't Libya or Egypt or Syria. In Turkey, the people throwing the stones and building barricades are the good guys, although you would never know this from NBC's twisted coverage.