Sunday, June 09, 2013

German Propaganda Channel Downplays Turkey's Secular Revolt

Idiots of Appeasement Acting "Evenhandedly" in Islamism's Interest

Stability Uber Alles?

The West's reaction to events in Turkey has on the whole been disgraceful, ranging from expressions of mild sympathy for the protesters, concern and interest to downplaying and altogether ignoring the secular uprising. The Obama administration clearly supports Turkey's Sunni Islamist regime, regarding it as a model Islamocracy and a useful counter to Shiite Islamist Iran, which, thanks to the administration's abysmally failed foreign policy, is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear armed state. 

Again, one wonders: if the West, which, in democracy's name, enthusiastically embraced the so-called Arab Spring--i.e. Sunni Islamist revolutions--can't now bring itself, after all that has gone so horribly wrong, that is to say, after all the blowbacks, boomeranging and backfiring, to at least indicate unequivocal moral support for a rebellion by secular Muslims, then, what hope is there for the West? Its inherently suicidal tolerance of, support and sympathy for--and, in the case of the Obama administration--actual alliance with radical/rightwing political Islam and overlapping organized Islam seems solidTragically, it could take a wave of Mumbai-style swarming assaults, or, thinking the unthinkable, another, even more horrific mega-attack--meaning, an atomic 9/11--for the West to wake up to the enormity and true nature of the Islamist threat, an enemy unlike any that has menaced humanity since the rise of Nazi Germany. 

One desperately wants to be wrong, naturally. One hopes and prays that as solid as the West's alliance with Islamism seems, it won't take something as horrible as a mushroom cloud over a great city for the perfidious bond to melt into the air.