Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greece Shuts Public TV/Radio Broadcaster ERT, Killing 2,700 Jobs

Shocking Government Move Sparks Political Crisis 

Black TV screens in Greece, where savage spending cuts--so-called austerity measures--have destabilized democracy and driven the society to the brink of collapse.

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In fact, what is happening in Greece is a precursor for things to come--a template for the crushing of cherished middle and working class institutions and rights across Europe. All progressive, democratic gains since World War II are targeted for destruction. Rollback rules; reactionary policies of the worst kind--in the name of "reform"--are the order of the day. The overall objective appears to be a lowering of the standard of living--by practically any and all means necessary--of ordinary Europeans to the level of Chinese workers. Younger workers are mostly unemployed; older workers, essentially marked for extermination. Mass starvation looms.

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