Saturday, June 22, 2013

Libyan Weapons Flowing to Al Qaeda-Tied Syrian Rebels

Fears and Predictions of Obama Critics Confirmed

This is known--zeh yaduah, as they say in Israel--weapons are flowing from Libya to Syria's so-called rebels. The Al Qaeda-associated, -connected, -collaborating, and -sympathizing Islamists are benefiting mightily from the wholly unnecessary U.S./NATO intervention in Libya, which, under "humanitarian" cover, ousted a secular despotism that had more than lived up to its end of a pact with the West. The crazy dictator (who should have been eliminated decades ago--another story) scrapped his WMD and suppressed the Islamists. In fact, he zealously suppressed the barbaric backers of burqas and suicide bombers.

Which is why he was marked for ouster and assassination, apparently. The U.S. and NATO are pro-Islamist, have been for many years. 9/11 changed nothing. Rightwing political Islam and overlapping, sharia-promoting branches of organized Islam constitute an unstoppable but pliable force in the eyes of the Obama administration and tis European and Turkish Islamist allies.

They are dancing with the devil.

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Obama's selective drone attacks on Al Qaeda leaders--the terrorists in Syria are immune from assassination--and killing of Osama Bin Laden have essentially given the President a license to pursue a pro-Islamist policy. All Islamist regimes and groups, except for the original Al Qaeda, are considered all right to engage (collaborate with) by the President and his advisers.