Monday, June 03, 2013

NBC, as if White House-Directed, Disinforms on Turkey

Network "News" Division Sinks to New Lows

Once-great NBC-TV News, as if directed by the pro-Islamist Obama administration, continues to downplay--and disinform--the Turkish uprising story.

Tonight's travesty: Nightly News anchor Brian Williams explaining to his viewers that protesters in Turkey are upset over the government's attempts to promote "conservative values."


An unaware audience member could easily assume Williams was talking about protests against some Republican governor or mayor somewhere in the United States … instead of about primarily younger Turks rising up in righteous anger against the step-by-step, burqa-by-beard-by-mosque destruction of their nation's secular system by an Islamist (clerical fascist) regime that is, embarrassingly, backed by the Obama administration.

Interestingly, the network's chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, who certainly knows his way around the Middle East and what President Obama insists on calling "the Muslim world," has not surfaced in Turkey to cover the historic developments.

Apparently, the Turkish Spring is not nearly as newsworthy as the Arab Spring.